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  » Infertility  »  Laparoscopic images of uterine fibroids

Leiomyomas - also referred to as myomas or fibroids - are benign (non-cancerous) tumors in the muscle part of the uterus

Laparoscopy photo album

Laparoscopic view of a uterus with a pedunculated posterior myoma
A fibroid in this location should not affect chances for pregnancy or miscarriage
However, if it were pushing into the cavity of the uterus, it might cause problems

Ultrasound image of uterus with submucous fibroid
This patient needed in vitro fertilization for infertility
Same image with uterus circled in blue, fibroid in red, endometrial cavity in green

Because she wanted to have a baby and needed IVF, we wanted to have a normal uterus before starting treatment
This fibroid was pushing into the uterine cavity - a location that would likely cause reproductive problems
Hysteroscopy was done with special cutting tools to remove the tumor in order to normalize the anatomy
This image shows the inside of the uterine cavity before the fibroid was resected
The tumor is the white tissue on the right side