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  » Infertility  »  Male Factor Infertility

About 25% of all infertility is caused by a sperm defect and 40-50% of infertility cases have a sperm defect as the main cause, or a contributing cause.

It can be hard to know whether the sperm problem is the only cause, or just a contributing cause to the infertility. Part of the problem is that numbers are just numbers.We know that men with very low sperm counts can sometimes have children - and some men with normal sperm counts can be infertile.

What matters is not really how many or how fast they swim - but whether they can fertilize the female partner's eggs. This is really a biochemical issue at the molecular level - looking at the little swimmers under the microscope is not a perfect way of assessing the ability of the sperm to fertilize the wife's eggs.

ICSI in progress
ICSI needle is inside egg, sperm is being injected
Holding pipette at far left
ICSI is very effective for male infertility - if there are any motile sperm