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  » Infertility  »  Favourite links

These are a few of our favorite links !

For patients

1. is a great site about IVF
2. If you are looking for information on egg donation, check out
3. PCO patients will find a wealth of information on PCOS at
4. Check out the content and the bulletin boards at - it's very US-centric, however !
5 If you want to network with other infertile couples, the Bulletin Boards at are superb !
6. You can find a lot of information on endometriosis at the Endometriosis Association website at
7. Patients from USA should check out the website of Resolve, the world's first infertility support group, at
8.If you are trying to conceive, live in the UK , and would like some help , visit Real Life Solutions
9. If you need to know more about male infertility, the Cornell website at is a gem !
10. is the website for Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago. They have a very sensible approach to treating infertility and I wholeheartedly agree with their philosophy.
11. If you are looking for information on adoption, read the book, Ours by Choice, at

For doctors

1. at is packed with information, especially for embryologists
2. at has lots of resources for IVF clinicians
3. Embryologists should sign up for EmbryoMail at to keep upto date