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The following resources can help you stay on top of what you need to know about STDs and HIV/AIDS:


  1. HIV Drug Resistance & Resistance Testing (Copyright © ACRIA) - This detailed overview addresses common questions about HIV drug resistance and the genotypic and phenotypic tests that measure resistance.
  2.   Living With HIV/AIDS - This booklet is for people who are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). HIV is the virus that causes the disease acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). You might also want to share this booklet with your friends and family. It will help you, and them, understand more about HIV.
  3.   Need for Sustained HIV Prevention Among Men who Have Sex with Men - This publication discusses the increase of HIV among men who have sex with men, the risks and possible prevention.
  4. Understanding Your Lab Results (Copyright © ACRIA) - This on-line publication provides a complete and easy to understand explanation of different lab tests doctors use to monitor the health of patients living with AIDS, HIV diseases and treatment.
  5. What Are Young Gay Men's HIV Prevention Needs? (Copyright © University of Califrornia) - This fact sheet from the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies includes statistical information, risk factors and information about barriers to prevention.


  1. CDC National AIDS Hotline, ASHA, NCHSTP, CDC, HHS
  2. Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, ARI, UCSF
  3.   National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention