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  » Immunization Schedules  »  Paracetamol doses for children to reduce side effects

Paracetamol doses for children to reduce side effects:

The routine use of paracetamol at the time of immunisation is no longer recommended, due to the use of better vaccines with fewer side effects. However, speak with your doctor, pharmacist or nurse regarding the use of paracetamol if you are concerned about side effects like fever and being unsettled. When MMR is given a fever may occur about 5 to 12 days later, and paracetamol should be given then. Children who have had a fit or have epilepsy should be given paracetamol before and for 48 hours after immunisation to reduce the chance of fever. Doses of paracetamol should not be given closer than four hours apart and the maximum number of doses you should give in 24 hours is six. Paracetamol for children comes in different strengths and you should check the strength on the label. The recommended dosage for children following immunisation is 15 milligrams (mg) per kilogram of the child's weight per dose. The dose recommended on the bottle is usually slightly smaller than this.

Please note, the prolonged use of paracetamol without medical supervision could be harmful.