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  » Diet Information  »  PMS prevention diet

You can't button your pants. Your head is pounding. And you've gone from happy to miserable and back again in a matter of minutes. You've got PMS! But you don't have to suffer endlessly. Now you can beat the bloat, alleviate cramps and headaches, and mellow your mood swings with the PMS Prevention Diet. Here's how:

• The saturated fat found in meat and whole-fat dairy products raises blood estrogen levels, which can aggravate PMS symptoms. So this plan focuses on lean fish, legumes, whole grains and high-fiber fruits and veggies instead.
• Safflower oil contains linolenic acid, which helps regulate prostaglandins, hormone-like substances responsible for bloating and breast tenderness. This diet uses safflower oil in salad dressings and in cooking.
• Caffeine increases irritability. By starting your day with herbal tea or decaf, you'll avoid it (and a few mood swings).
• Eating a low-sodium diet helps rid the body of excess fluids. This diet minimizes consumption of processed and salty foods.


Option One Option Two Option Three
whole-grain cereal topped with banana slices and skim milk
calcium-fortified orange juice
herbal tea
fruit and yogurt sundae topped with muesli
chamomile or peppermint tea
egg-substitute veggie omelet
whole-grain toast
calcium-fortified orange juice
decaf coffee


Option One Option Two Option Three
black bean soup
tossed salad with safflower oil dressing
peanut butter sandwich on whole-grain bread
baby carrots
dried apricots
chicken salad sandwich with lettuce and tomato on whole grain bread
orange slices
skim milk


Option One Option Two Option Three
ginger orange tuna
baked sweet potato topped with lowfat plain yogurt
tossed salad with safflower oil dressing
chicken and broccoli pasta dijon
sliced tomatoes with fresh cracked pepper
stir-fried pork, pears and spinach
steamed brown rice


• decaf latte
• banana
• nonfat plain yogurt with fresh fruit
• vanilla soy milk



• Breathe deeply and do yoga
• Take 2 to 4 evening primrose capsules and 400 mg vitamin E daily
• Include 2 tablespoons of safflower oil in your daily diet
• Eat fiber-rich foods
• Satisfy chocolate cravings with small amounts of nonfat chocolate foods like cocoa, frozen yogurt or low-fat brownies (try Cathy's Chocolate Pudding!)


• Eat sugar
• Drink caffeinated beverages
• Eat salted foods