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  » Diet Information  »  Unmeasured diabetic diet
Patients, who are unable to measure their diet or for whom this is necessary, are given a list of foods which are grouped into three categories.

I. Foods to be avoided altogether
1. Sugar, glucose, jam, marmalade, honey, syrup, treacle, tinned fruits, sweets, chocolate, lemonade, glucose drinks, proprietary milk preparations and similar foods witch are sweetened with sugar.
2. Cakes, sweet biscuits, chocolate biscuits, pies, puddings, thick sauces.
3. Alcoholic drinks unless permission has been given by the doctor.

II. Foods to be eaten in moderation only
1. Breads of all kinds (including so-called 'slimming' and 'starch-reduced' breads, brown or white, plain or toasted).
2. Rolls, scones, biscuits and crispbreads.
3. Potatoes, peas and baked beans.
4. Breakfast cereals and porridge.
5. All fresh or dried fruit, tinned fruit in natural juice.
6. Macaroni, spaghetti, custard and foods with much flour.
7. Thick soups.
8. Diabetic foods.
9. Milk.
10. Meat, fish, eggs and cheese.

III. Foods to be eaten as desired
1. Clear soups or meat extracts, tomato or lemon juice.
2. Tea or coffee.
3. Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, turnip, runner of French beans, onions, leeks or mushrooms, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions, radishes, mustard and cress, asparagus, parsley, rhubarb, gooseberries, lemons, black-berries, grapefruit.
4. Herbs, spices, salt, pepper and mustard.
5. Saccharine and aspartame and other preparations for sweetening.
6. Sugar-free squashes and fizzy drinks.

IV. For overweight diabetics butter, margarine, fatty and dried foods must be restricted