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  2003 U.S. Best Hospital Rankings
  Skin Cream Soothes Sore Muscles
  Lowering Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence
  Tanning Beds Fingered for Rise in Skin Cancer
  Women "should be told of screening risks"
  Sex education for five-year-olds
  Banning smoking in hospitals "unethical"
  Headaches “caused by repressed anger"
  Mandela urges AIDS action
  Ultrasound Heat Treats Fibroids
  Brushing teeth too hard may do damage
  Artificial liver saves lives
  Male sex gene robust
  AMA supports improved tobacco warnings
  SARS “could be back"
  Mothers-to-be of baby boys "eat more"
  Head lice are harmless
  UK clinical trials "are discriminatory"
  Artery creation progress
  Sunglasses "can rectify dyslexia"
  First UK case of SARS confirmed
  Malaria survival discovery
  SARS “may be out of control"
  New Acne Cures
  Middle-age spread explained
  Gene for rare disorder found
  Thyroid cancer discovery
  Sales of herbal remedies soar
  Chocolate’s “good for you"
  Obesity drug guidelines
  New procedure “relieves sleep apnoea"
  Parkinson’s results “remarkable"
  Cigarettes and stroke risk
  New babies "need not grow quickly"
  Frozen vegetables often healthier than fresh
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