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  Passive smoking is 'twice as dangerous as believed'
  Aspirin May Protect Against Breast Cancer
  Testosterone Improves Sex for Some Women
  Next Cancer Treatments to Target Blood Supply
  Doctors' neckties carry bacteria: study
  Health Tip: Breakfast Benefits Why skipping it isn't healthy
  Cholesterol Drug Safety Questioned
  Low-Carb Diets: A Good Thing?
  Nightly Viagra May Restore Normal Erections
  Dental Device May Aid Weight Loss
  ADHD Drugs Square Off in the Classroom
  Breastfed Infants Less Likely to Die
  Girls Are Often Better Readers Than Boys
  Supplement Use Common Among Kids, Teens
  Adding Menthol to Arthritis Cream Improves Results
  Few Treated for Osteoporosis; Many at Risk
  Woman performs own caesarean to save baby
  Embolization Bests Surgery for Fibroid Treatment
  Aromasin Beats Tamoxifen ... Again
  Wine, Fat Intake Linked to Breast Cancer
  Women, Meet Your New Best Friend: cdk6
  Obesity drug borrows from bushmen's tradition
  Superbug link to 800 patient deaths
  Male pill predicted in five years
  Sleepless in the Hospital? Undercover Nurses Discover the Causes
  New Risk Factors for Heart Disease Revealed
  Laser Treatment for Strokes'
  Taking Control -- Lab Testing Your Order For Yourself
  Scientists Advise Older Adults to Boost Vitamin E Intake
  Foods for Long Life and Well-Being
  New gene therapy to tackle dementia
  Ageing secret may yield cancer drug
  It's official: exercise helps you live longer
  'Old-fashioned' pills cure baby born diabetic
  Lung cancer drug's 'amazing' reaction
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