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  Why More Women Die After Heart Bypass
  Episiotomy Rates Too High, Say Experts
  Women demand access to breast cancer drug
  Battered but Unbowed: Can Painkillers Recover?
  Femara May Reduce Breast Cancer Recurrence
  Birth Control Pills May Lower MS Risk
  Vitamin D and Painkiller Slow Prostate Cancer
  Water: How much should you drink every day?
  Battered but Unbowed: Can Painkillers Recover?
  Tanning could turn into an addiction
  Keeping Ovaries After Hysterectomy Boosts Survival
  Warfarin, aspirin combination underused on heart attack patients
  Compression Stockings Keep DVT Complications at Bay
  Dangers of HRT Known for Decades
  Chemotherapy Combo Increases Breast Cancer Survival
  Stroke-Stopper Diet
  Hamilton Naki, 78, Self-Taught Surgeon, Dies
  Aspirin, Ibuprofen Might Boost Risk of Certain Breast Cancers
  Heart Rate During and After Exercise Tied to Sudden Death
  Three Heart Pills Are Better Than One: Study
  Vitamin C May Help Protect Babies of Smoking Moms
  Japanese Women Show Lower Incidence of Breast Cancer Recurrence
  Pregnancy and Epilepsy Cause Tough Choices
  Cellular Antioxidant Extends Mice's Life Span
  Research Yields Clues to Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis
  Secondhand Smoke No Health Bargain
  Quitting Smoking After Heart Attack Cuts Death Risk
  You're Never Too Old to Exercise
  Gastric Bypass Just As Effective for Seniors
  Mom's Poor Diet Can Up Diabetes Risk in Child
  Heart Attack! What Happens Next?
  Cholesterol: An Ever-Changing Story
  Hope for the Heart: Advances in Treatment
  Viagra May Reverse Enlarged-Heart Damage
  Possible Marker for Osteoarthritis Found
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