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  Thumbs Up for Cervical Cancer Vaccine
  Sleeping pill 'can reverse vegetative states'
  Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements Beat Statin Drugs for Lowering Mortality Risk
  Antiviral Drugs may Help Treat Shingles
  Inhaled Insulin Approved for Diabetics
  Type-2 diabetes 'kills in middle-age'
  New breast cancer surgery promised
  Too much water can be dangerous, runners warned
  Urge women to take folic acid, say doctors
  Hysterectomy Can Lower Sexual Desire
  Smokers At Higher Risk for Erectile Dysfunction
  Cancer Drug Approved for Rheumatoid Arthritis (In cases where other drugs don't work)
  Late Preterm Births Also Rising
  Choosing a Hearing Aid
  Eight Ways to Control or Prevent High Blood Pressure
  'Wave' Test Could Spot Heart Disease
  50-Something Men Happy With Sex Lives
  Science Reveals Secret to Sperm's Success
  Testosterone Deprivation Doesn't Stop Prostate Cancer Spread, Study Says
  Breastfeeding calms and soothes both mother and child.
  Chinese remedy could prevent breast cancer
  Arthritis remedy could help MS sufferers
  Drink to your heart health.
  Antioxidants for Arthritis
  Ease Arthritis Pain
  Faith Eases Arthritis Aches
  Male Circumcision Reduces Female Pleasure
  Arthritis remedy could help MS sufferers
  Hormones 'help fight prostate cancer'
  Aspirin Therapy Safe for Some Brain Hemorrhage Survivors
  Excess weight in mid-life raises the risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia
  Anti-aging Secret from the Sea: Fish keeps your mind younger longer
  Resveratrol Reduces Levels Of Alzheimer's Disease-Causing Peptides
  Study Shows Spice Stunts Deadly Spread To Lungs
  Liver May Be Prime Source of Good Cholesterol
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