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  » Smoking and health effect
Smoking, What The Warning Label Doesn't Tell You

Everyone who is considering smoking, is already smoking or is wondering if he/she should STOP smoking, should make this a 'MUST READ' before ever picking up the next cigarette, if they value their bodies, their future and quality of life!
Nicotine and addiction

Alcohol, caffeine, tranquilizers, and even chocolate can produce small changes in our mood, so what's different about nicotine? First, nicotine provides a bigger boost than chocolate or a cup of coffee. Perhaps most important, nicotine passes into our brains much quicker than most other substances. Nicotine enters your brain within 10 seconds of taking a puff on a cigarette. The nicotine in chewing tobacco and snuff is quickly absorbed because your mouth is filled with tiny blood vessels near the surface of your inner cheek and gums.

This rapid delivery of nicotine means that we develop a strong association between using tobacco products and the feelings it brings. Nicotine is also highly addictive because it causes changes in your brain. Fortunately, most of these changes will be reversed once you quit smoking. However, some changes may last for long periods of time and may explain why a few people get cravings to smoke many months or years after quitting.

  • Foreword  
  • What makes tobacco addictive?  
  • Smoking Statistics: United States of America  
  • Smoking Statistics: Australia  
  • Smoking Statistics: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  
  • Smoking Statistics: Armenia  
  • Smoking Statistics: France  
  • Smoking Statistics: India  
  • Smoking Statistics: Nigeria  
  • Health effects Of Smoking  
  • Tobacco and Health  
  • "Light" and "Mild" Cigarettes - Facts  
  • What you should know about tobacco  
  • Nicotine withdrawal symptoms  
  • Treatment Parameters For Nicotine Addiction  
  • Effective treatments and programs  
  • Medications for quitting smoking  
  • Q & A About the Benefits of Smoking Cessation