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  » Medical laboratory tests  »  Hormonal Assays
Test Normal Values
Free T4 0.8-2.0 ng/dl
Free T3 2.3-4.2 pg/ml
TSH* 0.25-4.30 microunits/ml
Serum T3* 70-200 ng/dl
Serum T4* 4.0-11.0 micrograms/dl
Follicle Stimulating Hormone* Male Not detectable to 20 miu/ml
Follicular Phase 5-20 miu/ml
Midcycle Peak 15-35 miu/ml
Luteal Peak 5-20 miu/ml
Post- Menopausal 40-200 miu/ml
Luteinising Hormone* Male Not detectable to 25 miu/ml
Post-Menopausal 5-20 miu/ml
Ovulating Females
Follicular Phase Upto 8 miu/ml
Mid-cycle Peak 7-50 miu/ml
Luteal Phase Upto 7 miu/ml
Prolactin Male Not detectable to 15 ng/ml
Female Not detectable to 20 ng/ml
In Pregnancy
I Trimester 7-31 ng/ml
II Trimester 31-182 ng/ml
III Trimester 84-232 ng/ml
One day Post-partum 20-319 ng/ml
Testosterone Male 300-1300 ng/dl
Female 30-95 ng/dl
Free Testosterone Male 9-30 ng/dl
Female 0.3-1.9 ng/dl
17- Ketosteroids Male 9-24 mgs/day
Female 5-17 mgs/day
17-Ketogenic Steroids Male 8-26 mgs/day
Female 6-18 mgs/day
Serum Calcitonin 0.02-0.04 ng/ml
Serum Cortisol A.M. 4.3-22.6 microgram/dl
P.M. 3.10-16.6 microgram/dl
Parathormone Not detectable to 27 ng/dl
DHEA Sulphates Male 80-560 microgram/dl
Female 35-430 microgram/dl
Beta HCG Less than 10
I Month 20-1000
I Trimester 10000-160000
II Trimester 6000-30000