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Test Normal Values
Creatine Phospokinase Male 16-110 U/L
Female 16-94 U/L
Creatine Kinase (MB) Normally CK-MB activity is less than 5 U/lt. And accounts for less than 3% of the total CPK activity. Myocardial Infarction is suggested by CK-MB > 5% of Total CK Activity.
Lactate Dehydrogenase 160-319 U/lt. (At 30o C)
Serum Amylase Upto 95 U/lt
Serum Lipase 20-300 U/lt. (At 30o C)
Fasting Blood Sugar 80-120 mgs/dl
Post Prandial Blood Sugar upto 160 mgs/dl
Glycosylated Haemoglobin < 7% Normal
7-8% Excellent Control
8-9% Good Control
9-10% Fair Control
> 10% Poor Control
Serum Cerruloplasmin 0.20-0.55 gms/lt
Serum Iron 40-130 Micrograms/dl
Serum Iron Binding Capacity 210-385 Micrograms/dl
Plasma Fibrinogen 200-400 mgs/dl
Serum Ferritin Male 20-400 ng/ml
Female 10-130 ng/ml
Serum Ammonia Normal: 11-35 Umol/lt
Serum Uric Acid 2-7 mgs/dl
Serum Acid Phosphatase Upto 12 U/lt
Leptospira IgM < 10 Negative
10-20 Low Positive
> 20 Positive
Tuberculosis IgG Less than 225 Units/ml
Tuberculosis IgA Less than 350 Units/ml
Fructosamine Normal Range 1.6-2.6 m mol/l
Satisfactory Control 2.6-3.2 m mol/l
Mediocre Control 3.6-3.7 m mol/l
Poor Control 3.7-4.5 m mol/l
Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA): Smokers Not detectable to 5.2 ng/ml
Non-smokers Not detectable to 3.4 ng/ml
Alpha Feto Protein 0-20 IU/ml
In Pregnancy
Maternal Serum Gestational Age
15 weeks 8.9-61.1
16 weeks 10.2-56.2
17 weeks 15.6-59.3
18 weeks 16.5-79.3
19 weeks 18.9-86.1
20 weeks 18.5-103.9