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  » Baby's developmental milestones  »  Baby's Developmental Milestones In Pictures

1)Vental suspension.
Age -- 2 weeks

2) Vental suspension.
Age -- 12 weeks

3)Infant being pulled from supine
to sitting position.
Age -- 3 months.
Much less head lag.

4)Controls neck and head;
back straight.
Age -- 5 months.

5)Prone position. Head and
greater part of chest lifted.
Weight supported on extended arms.
Age -- 20 months.

6)Sits alone momentarily.
Age -- 6 months
(Steady by 7-8 months)

7)Sits alone.
Steady by 8 months.

8)Early stepping movements.
Age -- 8 to 9 months.

9)Can stand without support momentarily.
Age -- 10 months.

10)First steps unaided.
Age -- 10-12 months.

11)Hand-eye coordination.
Holds cube in each hand.
Age -- 10 months.

12)Walks sideways
Age -- 15 months.

13)Hand to mouth coordination.
Feeds himself only with slight spilling.
Age -- 18 months.

14)Hand skill. Spontaneous scribble.
Age -- 15 months.

15)Toilet trained.
Age -- 18-24 months.

16)Dressing. Romoves coat.
Age -- 18 months.

17)Social interaction with siblings walks
fairly confidentally without assistance.
Age -- 24 months.