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  » Alternative Medicine  »  What is Alternative Medicine?

What is Alternative Medicine?

Interest has revived in recent years in the use of non-traditional approaches to treating disease. Herbs, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, yoga, and various types of massage are just a few of these methods.

As a rule, in the case of serious diseases, traditional medicine - surgery, prescription drugs, etc - is likely to provide the most effective treatment. However, one or more of these 'alternative medicine' therapies can often prove immensely beneficial, especially when integrated with traditional medicine. For this reason, alternative medicine is often referred to as Complementary Medicine, or sometimes as CAM (for Complementary or Alternative Medicine).

This section offers visitors to ConsultDrMinas a collection of information on Complementary Medicine that is closely integrated with traditional medicine diagnosis and treatment.

There is a brief discussion of the various types of CAM, with detailed information on the most common herbs and nutritional supplements. Conditions suitable for treatment with CAM are described, as well as the interactions between herbs, supplements, drugs and food. There are also research articles and reviews relevant to CAM.