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  » Medical Terms Glossary
Patients will find this glossary of medical terms very useful to explain complicated medical terminology.

Click on a letter to view the corresponding section of the glossary:

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pertaining to the vagus nerve, which supplies sensory connections to the ear, tongue, and pharynx.
An operation to cut the vagus nerve. This causes the stomach to make less acid.
inflammation of a blood vessel.
a narrowing of the blood vessels.
Vestibular System
the organ of the inner ear containing several three semicircular ducts at right angles to one another; helps keep the body balanced
The tiny, fingerlike projections on the surface of the small intestine. Villi help absorb nutrients.
Viral Hepatitis
Hepatitis caused by a virus.
the presence of virus in the bloodstream.
a mature infectious virus particle existing outside a cell.
a microorganism composed of a piece of genetic material -- RNA or DNA -- surrounded by a protein coat. To replicate, a virus must infect a cell and direct its cellular machinery to produce new viruses.
A twisting of the stomach or large intestine. May be caused by the stomach being in the wrong position, a foreign substance, or abnormal joining of one part of the stomach or intestine to another. Volvulus can lead to blockage, perforation, peritonitis, and poor blood flow.