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Bioderm Cream
  Cream of lotus. Traditional corrective face cream. Moisturizing, anti-wrinkle.

Contains: Lotus essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, amalaki grita, rose petal water, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera gel, beeswax.

The actions of this corrective cream are based on the properties of its seven main ingredients, among them:
NELUMBO NUCIFERA (English, lotus; Sanskrit, padma). Sattwic (stimulates spiritual purity). This herb was revered in ancient Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, and Egyptian cultures and the flowers are sacred to Buddhists. This herb and its aromatic essential oil are a nutritive tonic to the skin, moisturizing, cooling, astringent, and anti-wrinkle.

SANTULUM ALBUM (English, sandalwood; Sanskrit, chandana). Sattwic (stimulates spiritual purity). This herb has been used in the East as medicine, incense, and perfume for over 4000 years. The herb and its aromatic essential oil have nourishing, bactericidal, analgesic, astringent, anti- wrinkle, and anti-inflammatory properties. It sharpens the mind and promotes concentration. Best for pitta.

GHEE (English, clarified butter; Sanskrit, ghee). This product is ancient and sattwic (promoting spiritual purity). It synergizes with all nutrients and nourishes all seven tissues of the mind-body complex. It is the base for grita (ghee medicated with ayurvedic herbs). It is an excellent tonic for vata, kapha, and specially for pitta. It is bacteriostatic and keeps indefinitely without refrigeration.

Price (less shipping):   2 oz – $25.50
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