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Save your Health & your Money
How Do I Place an Order?



With most web sites, shipping charges, make up a large portion of money spent on online purchases.

To encourage you to order in BULK from us, we offer FREE SHIPPING for all purchases above USD400 only'

Confidentiality, Accuracy And Hassle Free Service. All Part Of Our Commitment To you.

Gone forever are the headaches, hassles and high costs of obtaining the pharmaceuticals you want and need.

You now have a friend in the medical field with ConsultDrMinas's Online Pharmacy.

Using the speed and user-friendliness of the Internet ConsultDrMinas's Online Pharmacy has simplified your ability to research your own health problems and autonomously discover the available options for treatment.

How It Works And What We Do For You

You can conveniently and comfortably talk with our Doctors using the internet. You'll have your prescriptions written and your medications prescribed quickly and easily from the comfort of your computer. You'll save valuable time because you won't have to wait in a Doctor's office to be seen. You'll stay healthier because you won't be exposed to other patients who may possibly be contagious. You'll save money because you aren't subject to a high fee, common with a normal office visit - your questionnaire is done online - not in a Doctor's office.

ConsultDrMinas's Online Pharmacy offers medications that are often called "embarrassment" drugs. By using Internet technology, we enable you to get the medications you need without any hassle or embarrassment. You'll get what you need, without error.

ConsultDrMinas's Online Pharmacy gives you the power to make an educated choice in your treatment approach and in what medications you are going to take.

Our Qualifications

We use top physicians and two of the most technically advanced licensed pharmacies in the the country. Our physicians can spot medical factors that would rule out certain medications, by doing a simple review of your medical history. Research and experience have shown that there is no reason to suggest that an in-person review of your medical history is any more significant than an online consultation. What's more, you can enjoy the entire process from the comfort of your computer; over the is a safe, private and easy way to seek treatment.

Our Service

Our team of professionals is dedicated to making your every experience with consultDrMinas's Online Pharmacy a pleasant one. We really mean it! We want you to be so pleased that you can't help but tell others about us.ConsultDrMinas has 24x7 customer support and returns all emails within 24 hours.

Your Privacy

ConsultDrMinas's Online Pharmacy is painstaking about patient privacy and security. All information furnished to consultDrMinas's Online Pharmacy is legally protected under doctor-patient privilege law. ConsultDrMinas will not sell or in any way release any of the information you submit to us - including your e-mail address. You are assured of complete and total privacy.

The ConsultDrMinas Online Pharmacy physicians are here to assist you in making your own medical decisions. You'll get the professional help you need to make a wise decision about what is right for you.

We are proud to offer you the following services:
  1. No hassle ordering process, simply select your products, agree to the waiver, complete the medical forms & shipping info and comfortably wait for delivery
  2. Credit card statement will read Rx Overnight
  3. Complete Confidentially maintained on all orders
  4. Our Licensed Doctors will review your online medical forms and our Licensed Pharmacist will complete and ship your prescription within 24 to 72 hours of approval
  5. All merchandise can be delivered to either your home or office (Please No P.O. Boxes)
  6. Status and Tracking Numbers are immediately sent via e-mail or on Demand online at the website
  7. Please Note that there are No Returns on Prescription Medicine
  8. We are sorry but any Overseas orders seized by customs are non-refundable
  9. We would strongly advise you to go through our FAQ and Medical Disclaimer sections before using our Online Pharmacy
  10. Minimum order for international shipping USD 120 (less shipping). This includes free online consultation and prescription
  11. Any order above USD 400 SHIPPING IS FREE! Some medications are exempted.
All orders are shipped via couriers