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  » Lipodissolve Professional kit
Works both with pure liposculpture lipodissolve therapy and also with dissolving localised ugly cellulite
What does our Professional Lipodissolve kit contain?

It contains a mixture of five ampoules of Original ‘Phosphatidylcholine’ along with other agents to -

1. Increase the local spreading on the other active ingredients, so as to give you a totally smooth finish to your liposculpting Lipodissolve treatment (almost impossible to get anything but a completely smooth finish – no taking any chance of bumps).

2. Ingredients to make sure the ‘Phosphatidylcholine’ does what it supposed to do in spite of local blood supply variations and ensures the fat cells are completey destroyed with increased penentration and fat dissolving efficiency. Receptors that burn fat are known as Beta receptors, and those that cause fat storage are known as Alpha receptors. The ingredients allows your beta receptors to burn your fat more efficiently. To burn fat your Beta receptors must first create a chemical called cyclic AMP which allows a second step to occur. Normally your Beta receptors cannot proceed to the second step because of a chemical called phosphodiesterase. Phosphodiesterase breaks down cyclic AMP and stops fat burning. Our ‘Professional Kit’ ingredients inhibit phosphodiesterase, preventing it from interfering with the cyclic AMP and fat breakdown.

3. Local Anaesthetic agent; so as to make the whole injection procedure and post procedure recovery, all the more pain free.

4. Anti allergic cream.

Please understand the exact formula can only be supplied to our clients after purchase of the kit. Full instructions are sent with every shipment package. (The constitutients of the kit may be changed without prior notice, according to latest research findings)

Any order of above 3 kits; Express/Courer Shipping is FREE

USD187.50 + Shipping (Enough for five normal treatment sessions). Specialised syringes, needles and empty sterile mixing vial not included.

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USD231.25 + shipping (Enough for five normal treatment sessions). Inclusive of specialised syringes, needles and empty sterile mixing vial.

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Bulk orders:
Mega-bulk Wholesale Specials of injection essential N/Lipostabil original

500 - 1000 amps. - $ 8.15 per amp. with free shipping
1000 - 2000 amps. - $ 7.50 per amp. with free shipping
Above 2000 amps - $ 7.15 per amp. with free shipping


Less specialiased syringes, needles and mixing vials:

10-30 kits - $ 181.25 per kit . with free shipping
above 30 kits - $ 162.25 per kit . with free shipping

With specialiased sirynges, needles and mixing vials:

10-30 kits - $ 225.00 per kit . with free shipping
above 30 kits - $ 206.25 per kit . with free shipping

These prices are still negotiable for special orders and our all, faithful clients)

Shipping is free!

Wholesale prices are only available on larger bulk orders for individuals, pharmacists, hospitals and clinics.

For special buk order, (500 ampoules of injection Essential 303 and above 50 LIPODISSOLVE PROFESSIONAL KITS) special reduced rates may be requested - Please EMail request to

Quality Lipostabil is a limited availability item. Please read the shipping and disclaimer information before ordering.

Phosphatidylcholine: Made in France.
For payments above $ 500, please contact us, or pay by Western Union

N.B. Refund Policy: All sales are final, due to the perishable nature of the products.