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Hydrogel is 100% Polyacrylamide of INTERFALL brand.
Valid period is 2-3 years. And only 50ml/vial is available.
The price for 1000ml (20 x 50ml) is $2 750 including shipping cost.

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Buttocks Injections...a Killer Rear In About An Hour
Buttocks injections are a great option for anyone looking for more projection on the back end. Most
people think that buttocks implants are their only option to get good projection and a round firm butt.

Well its just not true anymore there are several options like PMMA and Hydrogel for example. Both are safe substances which can be injected by your plastic or aesthetic surgeon. The process takes about 2 hours and wow!,You get the idea.

Traditional buttocks implants are a long and very painful surgery with a high complications rate.
Now don"t get me wrong, everything has some complications ..Yes everything.

On Buttocks, this is our subject and we will go into great detail together and explore all your options.

So lets get started.


Hyrogel Injections For The Buttock
So Would This Work?

Hydrogel buttock injections. The procedure, what to expect.

This is what you can expect during the procedure. The most popular forms of injectable body fillers used for buttocks augmentation arePMMA or Hydrogel. Let"s assume for this example, you have chosen Hydrogel.

Consultation/first treatment, you will have your consultation where the surgeon will mark the areas where the product will be injected along with the entry points. Make sure you are aware of where the incisions will be and are OK with their location. In some case they may become very small, permanent scars.

Make really sure during this consultation the surgeon knows exactly what type of buttock shape you want and where you want the most projection.

A good tip, that we recommend to all potential patients is to bring pictures of buttocks you think would look good on you. Take the time to find pictures of body types/styles that at generally match your own, but have a better projection. Another good tip is to bring two photos, one which shows what you consider to be too large and the other what you consider too small. This can really make a great result much more likely if you and your surgeon are in agreement about your goals. Here are the areas you will need to discuss with your surgeon using Hydrogel buttocks injections.

Hydrogel can increase or change the size of these areas:

1. Upper buttock
2. Middle buttock
3. Lower buttock
4. Hip expansion
5. Outer thighs

The Day of the Procedure, what happens?

Ok, you are done with your consultation .At this point you will get changed into a surgical garb and the surgeon will take you into a sterile procedure room. A full surgical theater is generally not required for Hydrogel. After thoroughly sterilizing the area, the doctor will inject a local anesthesia directly into the buttock. You will feel minor discomfort at first, but after the area will be numb and the next set of injections will be pretty painless.

A tinny incision is made where a small cannula is inserted to inject the product. The Hydrogel is applied just above the muscle in the lower layer of fatty tissue. Expect multiple injections into each area of the buttocks and after each injection the surgeon will deeply massage the area which helps shape the area. It is absolutely necessary that the shape be molded during the procedure

Hydrogel buttock injections will take between one and three hours in for the first treatment. A second treatment is common for touch ups to the shape. This normally takes place a few days later and is much faster. The plastic surgery costs for Hydrogel buttocks injections are typically around fifty percent less traditional implants. They also do not involve any serious down time like buttock implants. You are generally back to normal in about two days or so. With all the factors weighed in, this is a serious alternative to the implant option that you should consider.

Hydrogel Butt Augmentation

As the skin ages, elastic fibers in the dermis break down, collagen fibers get stuck together and there is a gradual loss of hyaluronic acid. Skin will feel stiffer and less elastic. Originating from Europe, Hydrogel is presently used worldwide to fill up sunken areas such as the cheeks, temples, lips, and buttocks.

What makes Hydrogel unique?
Hydrogel is a new generation permanent filler that is made from polyacrylamide and water. One of the exceptional things about Hydrogel is that there is hardly any tissue reaction or calcification and, unlike other fillers, it does not cause granuloma formation. One of the reasons Hydrogel is tolerated so well and accepted by the body is because it is 97.5% water. And since our body is primarily composed of water, it does not treat Hydrogel as a foreign substance. It feels very natural.

What is Hydrogel used for?
Hydrogel is popularly used to enhance the buttocks resulting in a better, sexier figure. It is also used as permanent filler for deep facial lines and can replace facial volume that is lost with age. Hydrogel can also be used to contour the cheekbones or to develop a stronger jaw liesulting in a better, sexier figure. It is also used as permanent filler for deep facial lines and can replace facial volume that is lost with age. Hydrogel can also be used to contour the cheekbones or to develop a stronger jaw line as well as to enhance and develop fuller, more luscious lips.

How does it work?
The problem areas are determined and the gel is injected with a thin cannula through small incision sites. The areas treated are kneaded for proper contouring. Post-treatment, there may be slight swelling and a heavy sensation for a few days but the gel feels natural underneath the skin. There is hardly any scarring involved, since the incisions are very small. The procedure lasts 30 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the area treated. It is done under twilight sedation and is a safe procedure.

What are the expected results?
The results are long-lasting and permanent. Unlike other fillers it does not get re-absorbed by the body or broken down. However, should you choose to have it removed in the future, it is possible.

Interfall Biocompatible Hydrogel Doctor"s Information