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Human Gowth Hormone

Product Catalog - NEW!

Medical Spa Catalog

New Test Kits Drugs, Diseases, etc.
On-site drug screening products will provide a fast, accurate, fl exible and cost effective means of screening one or as many as thirteen drugs of abuse simultaneously with multiple formats vailable. Results take approximately 5 minutes. Over 50 drug screens are CLIA waived. Test are non-efrigerated and have a shelf life of over one year. National Toxicology is a well recognized, Department of Health and Human Services/Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (DHHS/SAMHSA), formerly NIDA, certifi ed forensic drug testing laboratory. Since 1987, National Toxicology has been on the leading edge of applying modern toxicology methods as a diagnostic tool for detecting drugs of abuse. National Toxicology will perform GC/MS confi rmations with results available within 24-48 hours.

Gary Osborn
RPh, CCN, President

Gary Osborn, RPh, CCN and owner of ApotheCure, Inc. just earned his Diplomate from the American Board of Anti-Aging Practitioners (A4M). This new diplomate will allow Gary to formulate new compounds with a more profound and intimate understanding of medicine from the health-care providers viewpoint. Also, Gary owns the Texas Institute of Functional Medicines, in Dallas, Texas, and
has been working with a qualifi ed staff of doctors and nurses, providing care to patients for over 12 years. The clinic’s focus is on general anti-aging, functional and aesthetic medicine. In combination, his experience in pharmacy, nutrition and his direct clinical experience will allow him to offer you the best
compounds for your practice. Gary is currently on the path to earn his fellowship in Anti-Aging medicine from A4M!

Raw Materials. Be Sure, Be Safe!
At ApotheCure, the safety of our compounds is number one! Testing the quality of the raw materials we receive from suppliers is of the utmost importance. In order to ensure that we are providing the best
quality injectable compounds, we have developed a sophisticated network of laboratory tests that we perform on raw ingredients, such as HPLC and Gas Chromatography. Our Quality Control department will re-test all raw materials we receive to guarantee that they are free of heavy metals and contaminants. This extra step assures that we are providing you with the safest and best quality compound!
"You are the only compounder that has the integrity to check for the metals in your raw materials to this level. That is a confi dence builder in general for me."
Dr. David Quiq

ApotheCure offers a wide variety of these test kits, including:
  • Oral Fluid Tests
  • Alcohol Tests
  • All Inclusive Cups
  • CLIA Waived Products
  • Cups w/Adulterants
  • Drug Tests
  • Eco Cups
  • Infectious Disease Tests
  • Multi Panel Dip Cards

Neurological/Brain Compounds
  • 5-HTP & L-Tryptophan
  • Bromocriptine
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Acetylcholine
  • L-Carnitine
  • DHEA
  • DMAE
  • Deprynyl
  • Dopamine
  • Epinephrine
  • Ergoloid Mesylate
  • Ergotamine
  • GH-3
  • Ginkgo/Selegeline
  • Gaba
  • GPC
  • Glycine
  • Ketamine
  • Lidocaine
  • Lithium orotate
  • MSM
  • Melatonin
  • Methysergide
  • Norepinephrine
  • Oxytocin
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Phosphatidlycholine
  • Piracetam
  • Pregnenolone
  • Prolactin
  • Promethazine
  • Rubidium chloride
  • Selegeline
  • Serotonin
  • Vasopressin
  • Vinpocetine

The Love Hormone

If it were possible to make a love drug, then Oxytocin would undoubtedly be the main ingredient. Oxytocin is a hormone produced mainly by the hypothalamus (an almond sized region of the brain located close to the brain stem that links the nervous system to the endocrine system via the pituitary gland). Oxytocin is released either directly into the blood via the pituitary gland, or to other parts of the brain and spinal cord. Although probably best known for its role in childbirth and breast feeding, research has shown that Oxytocin may have many far-reaching effects for both men and women in many areas of their lives, particularly when it comes to relationships and emotional involvement.

If we go back to childbirth for a moment, we can see just how powerful the effects of Oxytocin can be. Oxytocin plays a vital role in triggering and regulating uterine contractions. Indeed, if contractions are not strong enough to complete a delivery, the mother will probably be given Oxytocin to help her labor along.

During the third stage of labor, Oxytocin helps to ensure that the placenta and membranes are delivered. Obstetricians will often inject the mother with some synthetic Oxytocin after the baby is born to speed the delivery of the placenta.

After birth, Oxytocin levels are often even higher. This helps to protect the mother because Oxytocin causes the uterus to contract down and stop bleeding.

But this isn’t the end of oxytocin’s involvement with childbirth. Oxytocin is sometimes called the “bonding hormone”. For mammals to survive it is crucial that the mother starts to nourish and tend for her young immediately after birth and studies have revealed that Oxytocin appears to be
responsible for this reaction. Of course for many human babies the establishment of such a bond immediately after birth is not a question of survival, but the effects of Oxytocin within the brain still plays a major role in establishing maternal behavior and the bond between mother and baby. You only have to look at mother with her baby to see how powerful the effects of Oxytocin can be as it helps to generate the most profound and amazing bond.

Oxytocin also plays a crucial role in breast feeding because it causes the “let down refl ex” allowing the milk to fl ow and enabling a mother to feed her baby. Oxytocin also plays its part in a woman’s menstrual cycle as it is responsible for the uterine contractions that accompany menstruation and cause the expulsion of the uterine lining.

The real excitement surrounding Oxytocin and its effects beyond childbirth, lactation and menstruation began in the 1990s. Researchers discovered that breastfeeding women were calmer in the face of exercise and psychosocial stress than their bottle-feeding counterparts. The difference was attributed
to the effects of Oxytocin. Subsequent research has revealed that Oxytocin has many other roles and is not just confi ned to childbirth and breast feeding.

Indeed, because of its role in childbirth and lactation, it was wrongly assumed at fi rst that Oxytocin was a ‘female hormone’. It is now known that not only is it present in males but that it is also important for them too. For example, new fathers also experience a rush of feelings towards their new baby and, just as with mothers, Oxytocin helps to forge that all important bond and elicit that all important single minded devotion to their offspring. Oxytocin is also the reason why we form all sorts of deep connections not only with our children, but with our partners, friends and even our pets.

Oxytocin may also be responsible for turning potentially stressful experiences into opportunities for expressing love and joy. Again, look at childbirth. For many women, childbirth is an incredibly stressful
experience which could easily give rise to post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) but Oxytocin appears to play a role in helping a new mother manage both her emotional and physiological responses to such a stressful experience and prevent PTSD. Instead the experience is usually one that resonates with
emotions of deep and profound happiness. It’s believed that it’s Oxytocin that plays a large part in helping to generate these feelings.

Oxytocin also helps to repress memories of the pain of childbirth making it more likely that a woman will go through it all again and have more children.

Research has also revealed that Oxytocin plays a huge role in the non-procreative aspects of sex. Both women and men release Oxytocin during lovemaking – but not only is Oxytocin released during orgasm, it appears to be responsible for causing orgasms in the fi rst place.

Sometimes called “the cuddle hormone,” Oxytocin is released in response to a variety of environmental stimuli including skinto-skin contact and cervical stimulation experienced during sex. At normal levels
Oxytocin encourages a mild desire to be kissed and cuddled by your lover. But being touched (anywhere on the body) leads to a rise in Oxytocin levels. This causes a cascade of reactions within the body, including the release of endorphins and testosterone, which results in both biological and psychological arousal. The nerves in erogenous zones such as the earlobes, neck and genitals become
sensitized by the effects of Oxytocin. It promotes a bond of intimacy, closeness and desire which increases sexual receptiveness and the desire to be touched further – being touched further causes even more Oxytocin to be released and so desire and arousal is heightened even more. Put simply, Oxytocin loves sexual foreplay and sexual foreplay loves Oxytocin.

Collagen/HA Drink
Beauty from the Inside...Out

ApotheCure formulation team has developed a very special antiaging drink mix that contains collagen and hyaluronic acid as its main ingredients .
C, Glucosamine Sulfate and Calcium Hydroxyapatite have also been added to increase the overall effectiveness of this unique blend. In addition, this formula is sugar-free and sweetened with Xylitol, as
opposed to sweeteners, such as Aspartame, Splenda or Acesulfame K. All of these ingredients combined have been shown to dramatically improve the effects of aging, from skin appearance to joint health.

Aging skin appears as fi nely lined, thin, wrinkled, dry or rough, discolored and patchy. The loss in the skin’s elasticity is one of the major contributors of this. On the surface, the problem appears to be the outer layer, but aging skin actually occurs in the dermis, or second layer of skin where collagen,
elastin and moisture reside. When certain components, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid are diminished and compromised, skin becomes dehydrated and the ability of your bones and joints to function properly is lost. Collagen is the primary support of skin, tendon, bone, cartilage and connective
tissue. It is a protein chemical substance, also known as the “glue” that holds tissues together.

Interesting facts about collagen:
  • More than a 1/3 of the body’s protein is collagen.
  • Collagen makes up 75 percent of our skin.
  • Acts as a scaffolding for our bodies.
  • Controls cell shape and differentiation.
  • Why broken bones regenerate and wounds heal.
  • Why blood vessels grow to feed healing areas.

Hyaluronic acid is a component of connective tissue whose function is to cushion and lubricate. It occurs throughout the body in abundant amounts in many of the places people with hereditary connective
tissue disorders have problems, such as joints, heart valves and eyes. Hyaluronic acid abnormalities are a common thread in connective tissue disorders. Interestingly, they are also common biochemical anomalies in most of the individual features of connective tissue disorders, such as mitral valve prolapse, TMJ, osteoarthritis, and keratoconus.

Hyaluronic acid has been nicknamed by the press as the "key to the fountain of youth" because it has been noted that at least some people who ingest a lot of it in their diets tend to live to ripe old ages. ABC News aired a show on a village in Japan and hyaluronic acid entitled, "The Village of Long Life:
Could Hyaluronic Acid Be an Anti-Aging Remedy?". This formula is also an excellent addition to any Mesotherapy or any antiaging regimen.
  SDA/Celtic Salt Nasal SprayGreat for Cold & Flu Season!

SDA (Spectracidal Disinfectant Agent), is an organic compound made from an exotic molecule (Dual-Quantenary Amonium Complex w/Tributyl Tin) that is especially formulated to KILL all forms of diseaseproducing organisms. The active ingredient is a patented FDA and EPA registered product
and is one of the rare, completely non-toxic disinfectants available today. SDA has been shown to kill many organisms including bacteria and viruses. ApotheCure has taken this special compound and formulated some very unique products that have proven to be highly effective in many different areas of healthcare and hygiene while being very safe. One of these products is SDA combined with Celtic Salt. This is a great product to fl ush out bacteria and viruses during allergy, cold and flu seasons.

Ascorbate Blend
Help support Immunity, Allergies, Adrenal Health and more!
  • Calcium Ascorbate
  • Magnesium Ascorbate
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate
  • Potassium Ascorbate
  • Zinc Ascorbate
  • 3 Amino"s(Lysine, Cysteine, Glutathione)
  • Biofl avonoids
  • Quercetin
  • Naringen

New & Hot IV"s &Products!
  • Acidophillus Vaginal Suppositories 5%
  • ApotheCure"s Anti-Aging Cream - NEW!
  • Appetite Suppressants
  • Argireline 2% 2ml Injection
  • Butt Buddies - Great for Hemorrhoids
  • Caralluma 500mg Capsules
  • Cellulite Mix 5ml - Mesotherapy
  • D3-5000 OTC
  • DMAE 100mg/ml 5ml
  • Ergoloid Mesylate 9mg SR
  • Firm Lift 5ml - Mesotherapy
  • H.T.R. all strengths
  • ApotheClear Extra Strength
  • i-THROID
  • Itraconazaole 100mg caps
  • Ketamine 50mg/ml 10ml x 10 vials
  • Kligman’s Solution 120ml (Lightening)
  • Lipolysis Mix 5ml
  • M.I.C.A. 126 10ml
  • Natural Sleep Capsules
  • Neurolytic Injection
  • Oxytocin 20IU Troche
  • Oxytocin RDT’s
  • Perlane Fillers
  • Post Laser Spray
  • Protirelin NS 5mg/ml Spray
  • Sex Enhancing Lubricant
  • Thiabendazole Troche 500mg
  • Cough Balms - We make them all!

Ascorbic Acid
Incredible Benefi ts!

Ascorbic acid is the water soluble form of vitamin C. It is considered a potent antioxidant and studies suggest that this nutrient may assist in the prevention of early death from heart disease and cancer.
Ascorbic acid was originally revered for its anti-scurvy properties, but the focus on this supplement today is more on its potential ability to protect cells. (Note: While most animals synthesize their own Vitamin C from glucose, people must rely upon dietary sources). Besides its antioxidant benefi ts, ascorbic acid plays a primary role in collagen formation which is essential for the growth and repair of tissue cells, gums, blood vessels, bones, and teeth. Older people and smokers have a much greater
need for this vitamin than do younger individuals.

How Ascorbic Acid Functions
Ascorbic acid strengthens the capillaries and cell walls and is an essential component of collagen formation. It functions in protein synthesis by changing the charge of iron so that it can be absorbed and works as an antioxidant. Ascorbic acid also assists in the construction of protein from amino acids. Its collagen benefi ts, which bind together the cells of connective tissue, help to promote healing, prevent bruising, and keep ligaments and tendons strong and healthy. Ascorbic acid is necessary for healthy bones, muscles, blood vessels, and cartilage. It’s been known as the antioxidant’s antioxidant because it functions to protect both beta-carotene and Vitamin E from oxidation. Vitamin C blocks the formation of nitrosamines (the cause of certain types of gastrointestinal cancers) from nitrates, which are commonly added to smoked and cured meat products.

Suggested Benefits of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
  • Possible prevention against heart disease and certain types of cancer.
  • Increases immunity and may increase resistance to colds or minimize them through its mild antihistamine effects.
  • Potent antioxidant and raises blood glutathione.
  • Helps aid in the prevention cataracts.
  • Increases life span by enabling protein cells to stay together.
  • Increases the body’s ability to absorb iron.
  • Acidifi es urine to possibly prevent some types of infections.
  • Helps relieve asthma.
  • Helps to promote healthy gums.
  • Assists in lowering blood cholesterol.
  • Inhibits the development of many types of viral & bacterial infections.
  • Is a natural laxative.
  • Lowers blood clot incidences.
  • Reduces allergy-producing effects of many substances.
  • Prevents scurvy.
  Weight Loss Comounds
HCG, DHEA, Hoodia, Selegitrol, etc.

ApotheCure compounds a variety of compounds designed for weight management. We offer a variety of
new and unique formulas!
  • Betahistine
  • DHEA with ALA, Hoodia, EGCg
  • HCG Creams and Sublingual
  • Selegitrol Cream
  • M.I.C. Injections and Combo’s
  • Caralluma Capsules - New for appetite control!
  • Hoodia Capsules

Thyroid Compound Shortage
Recently, major manufacturers of porcine thyroid have experienced problems in supplying various strengths and sizes of thyroid compounds. How can ApotheCure help? ApotheCure has been compounding thyroid preparations since 1991 and can offer immediate supply of high-quality thyroid products during this shortage. Instead of switching your patients to l-thyroxine, keep them on the same protocol with compounded porcine thyroid. ApothéCure has been compounding thyroid preparations since 1991 and can offer immediate supplies of high-quality and competitively priced thyroid compounds.

About ApotheCure Thyroid Compounds:
  • ApotheCure purchases their raw ingredients for thyroid porcine from the SAME source(s) as major manufacturers.
  • We offer C of A’s (certifi cates of analysis).
  • NO binders are used in our thyroid compounds, just a fi ller of cellulose.
  • All ApothéCure thyroid compounds have an immediate availability.
  • Adding sustained-release fi llers adds NO additional costs.
Do you have patients allergic to pork thyroid? ApotheCure has designed NON-PORK thyroid capsules for those who need the T3 and T4. It is called HTR (human thyroid ratio). Any strength you need.

The 3-Minute Face Peel Miracle!

"I have been performing the ApothePeel for more than two years. It is very safe and my patients love the results!" Dr. Michel DeLune.

"ApothePeel is considered a light peel yet is deeper than a glycolic acid 50% peel. The glycolic peels, in my experience, tend to be lackluster in their effect. The ApothéPeel is almost painless and yields a great peel at 4 - 5 days. The results are impressive! The peel is easily applied - there is no need to
neutralize - and post procedure care entails the use of moisturizers and sunscreen. They are the mainstay of my practice for light to medium peels." Dr. Kevin Light, Cosmetic Surgeon, TIFM.

This revolutionary peel provides the physician with a simple and safe way to introduce skin care into their practice as a gateway to incorporating other cosmetic procedures. The combination of ingredients are a unique blend of TCA, Salicylic Acid, Phenol, Retinoic Acid and micro-elements, providing a controlled wound to the level of the superfi cial dermis. The peel is extremely easy to use with a large patient safety profi le and the results are predictable and very effective. This product was developed by Dr. Light, cosmetic surgeon at our sister clinic, TIFM, and by ApotheCure.
The Latest in Eyelash Growth!

No matter how brittle, short, fragile, thin, or sparse your eyelashes are now, ApotheLash helps you achieve the appearance of long, beautiful, healthy eyelashes. ApotheLash is a unique and revolutionary eyelash stimulator. It’s the only such product available on the market today. Incorporating the latest, most advanced formulations, ApotheLash positively infl uences eyelash growth, thickness and density. In its over-the-counter form, ApotheLash includes Minoxidil, biomimetic polypeptides and growth factors. The prescription-only product adds the prostaglandin Latanoprost, a proven, well-known eyelash stimulator. Patients and physicians around the country are raving about ApotheLash. Less expensive than Latisse!

The Latest in Skin Lightening

A very well known and clinically accepted method of lightening and smoothing the appearance of mild to moderate skin discoloration is to utilize a tailored combination of Hydroquinone, Tretinoin, and a Glucocorticoid. The most common one we are asked to make we called ApotheClear.

Adrenal Insufficiency
Adrenal insuffi ciency is commonly associated with the following symptoms, which can vary from mild to extreme.
* fatigue
* decreased tolerance to cold
* poor circulation
* low blood sugar level
* low blood pressure
* allergies
* apathy or depression
* low stamina
* low self-esteem due to low energy output
* joint aches and pains
* low levels of gastric hydrochloric acid
* tendency to constipation
* muscle weakness
* need for excessive amounts of sleep
* fears, due to low energy & secondary copper toxicity
* lowered resistance to infection
* subnormal body temperature

Adrenal Cortex Support - 100"s
Each capsule contains: Adrenal Cortex Extract, Vitamin C, Pyridoxine HCl, Pantothenic Acid, Magnesium, Chloride, and Licorice Root.

Adrenal Cortex Sublingual (1 ounce)
Sublingual adrenal cortex contains contains pure bovine adrenal cortex extract which has a better absorption rate than any other oral adrenal products on the market today.

Pharmacology on Adrenal Cortex Extract:
The adrenal cortex extract has been shown to be most effective in management of adrenal insuffi ciency and hypofunction and the adrenal gland. Adrenal cortex extract has also been shown to
help correct the abnormality in carbohydrate metabolism. ACE also maintains normal capillary permeability, helps in resistance to infections and stress of all types, increases blood lymphocytes,
and decreases serum gamma globulin content. Defi ciency states are corrected by adrenal cortex extract.

Indication and Usage:
Adrenal cortex extract has been indicated for stress, renal insuffi ciencies, infl ammation, trauma, and serious toxic infections. It has shown to be benefi cial in the management of shock from severe thermal burns or surgical shock and has been recommended for a variety of disorders for which no other therapy has shown greater results with no side effects. When hormone levels are low, the adrenals often suffer as well.
The All Natural One Calorie Sweetener

Introducing ApotheSweet, the new all-natural, one calorie per teaspoon* sweetener created from a unique blend of fi ve natural sweeteners for a taste you"ve only dreamed of. With a 0 glycemic index, ApotheSweet is ideal for weight management and diabetics because it does not stimulate insulin production. And, it"s a great sugar substitute for hyperactive children. Enjoy the deliciously sweet taste in cooking, baking, beverages, or sprinkled over your favorite dessert as a sweet ending to a meal. And
since it"s just as sweet as sugar, there is no measurement conversion - one cup of ApotheSweet equals one cup of sugar. Now, how sweet is that?

Our Sweet Story:
  • All natural ingredients
  • 1 calorie per teaspoon*
  • Deliciously sweet taste
  • 0 Glycemic Index
  • Safe for diabetics
  • Ideal for weight management
  • One to One sugar substitute
All Natural - does NOT contain:
  • Saccharin (Sweet"N Low)
  • Aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal)
  • Sucralose (Splenda)
  • Acesulfame K (Sunette, Sweet-One)
  • Sugar or fructose
Key Medical facts:
  • Does not affect blood serum glucose
  • Does not promote tooth decay
  • Does not stimulate insulin production
  • Suitable for weight control programs
  • Safe for use by those with Candida
How to use: For cooking, baking, beverages and sweetening in place of sugar. One cup of ApotheSweet equals one cup of sugar and contains 15 times fewer calories per teaspoon!
Ingredients: Erythritol, Xylitol, Mannitol, Fructooligosaccharides, Lo Han Guo (PureLo)