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  » Magic Carbo CMV1.3 - High-Tech Carboxytherapy Equipment

Double treatment out to injection needles
Active timer
Passive counter
Digital gas flow / pressure control
Digital treatment dosing
Soft touch key pad
Optional finger switch
Co2 UV sterilizer and Gas purifier


  • Magic Carbo allows users a safe treatment. The CO2 injection is very stabile and controlled in micro units.

  • It"s dual out function allows fast and symmetric treatment with great comfort. It means less discomforted treatment time and half as many injection points.

  • The desired CO2 flow and volume is controlled digitally and can be seen on the LCD screen.

  • The pressure can be digitally seen from the digital CO2 pressure gauge.

  • Active timer ensures the system only works within the time period that is set in by the user before the beginning of the treatment.

  • The total time can be seen looking at the Passive counter which does not allow resetting without service code.

Our device Magic Carbo has many advantages over those others and cost effective.
It has double treatment out
I has digital pressure gauge mounted on the unit.
It has integrated UVC system which sterile the gas passing through, this is a reassurance for patients.

Detailed Carboxytherapy FAQ
Magic Carbo - User Manual
Magic Carbo Sertificate

Price - $ 5625.00 (Shipping extra)

Instructions will be sent with equipment

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