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La Peau Revolution Active Microneedling Solutions
Item # Item Volume Price
MD0201 CELLULIZON 2ml x 24pcs $441.25
MD0202 DRAINZON 2ml x 24pcs $441.25
MD0219 PHYTOZON 2ml x 24pcs $441.25
MD0203 LIFTINGZON 2ml x24pcs $441.25
MD0204 REVITALZON 2ml x 24pcs $441.25
MD0205 COLLAGENZON 2ml x 24pcs $441.25
MD0207 HYALZON 2ml x 24pcs $629.50
MD0208 ANTIAGEZON 2ml x 24pcs $441.25
MD0212 ACNEZON SCARS 2ml x 24pcs $629.50
MD0214 WHITENZON 2ml x 24pcs $629.50
MD0215 CAVIARZON 2ml x 24pcs $629.50
MD0216 CYTOKINZON 2ml x 24pcs $629.50
MD0217 HAIRZON GROW 2mlx24pcs $629.50
MD0218 HAIRZON VITAL 2mlx24pcs $629.50
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What is Revolution Solutions?
Exclusively used for professional use and designated to improve skin cosmetically through the introduction of the Main Active Ingredients (MAI), using the TransdermalDelivery System.

There are several different TDS techniques.

What is the TDS system?
Transdermaldelivery system (TDS)
Consists of a series of treatments that make different MAIspenetrate the corneous strata to reach the various deepest layers of the skin.

Different TDS techniques
A. Meso-roller (skin microneedling)
B. Electroporation/Iontophoresis/Sonophoresis/Cataphoresis/Crioiontophoresis/Radiofrequency
C. Mesotherapy

Advantages of A and B Categories
No side effects
The most suitable technique that can be applied with selected active ingredients (a wide range of applicable skin conditions)
Better results

Revolution Solutions
Sterile products
High concentration of MAIs

Why multi-ingredients?
Avoiding dilution of MAIs
MAI synergy
Stability of the pH
Sterilization guarantee
Guarantee of isotonicity
Less cost

Categories HAIR growth

FACE Repair:
Acnezon Scars

Hairzon Vital
BODY contour
FACE repair


Active Ingredients:

Caviar Pure Extract, Salmon Spermine, Hyaluronic Acid, Trace Elements, Heptaptide

Well-known moisturizingproperty of caviar recovers the texture and toneof the skin, giving a dramatic instant hydrationeffect, leaving your skin young, clean, and fresh.


Active Ingredients:

Dimethylaminoethanoltartrate, MethylsilanolMannuronate, ThiocticAcid, Zinc gluconate, HyaluronicAcid

The unique formulation retracts and compact collagen fiberseffectively. This drastically fights against flaccidity and tenses tissues up gradually.


Active Ingredients:

Ascorbic Acid, MethylsilanolMannuronate, Zinc Gluconate, ThiocticAcid, MaganeseGluconateand HyaluronicAcid

The formula contains rich minerals which help connective tissuesfrom disorganization. It enhances the function of cell metabolism and inhibits cell aging from oxidants, contributing to regeneration.


Active Ingredients:

Sodium hyaluronateacts on the synthesis of many cell components and neutralizes oxidative processes, reducing free radicals and fighting senility.

with repairingeffect, speeding up cell regeneration.


Active Ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid, MDBC (MD Bioestimulant Complex), Sea Collagen, Heptapeptides

MD Bioestimulant Complex (MDBC)
rich in growth factors��contains high levels of cytokines and marine collagen key factor to interact

restore and maintain skin cell integrity, activating new cellular tissue, giving a retraction of skin dermal fibers.

Immediate effects are revitalizing, stimulation, smooth and skin firming.


Active Ingredients:

Sodium DNA, Sodium Hyaluronate, Copper gluconate, Disodium, Adenosine Triphosphate, Hyaluronic Acid

forms protectionof skin against pollution, dehydration and aging by raising skin’s defensive level and water-storage ability itself.

shin becomes more luminous and smoother, and thus looks younger.


Active Ingredients:

Idebenone, Mandelic Acid, Emblica,Alpha-Arbutin∂, Retinol, Kojic Acid, Azeloglicine, Salicylic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid,Morus Alba

Its skin lightening agent effectively reduces UV-induced skin pigmentation, gives a bright and even complexion.


Active Ingredients:

Silicium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese

Acts in the synthesis of numerous cellular elements, reduces free radicals, enhances reproduction of collagen, repairs and firms, effectively fight against aging problems.

Acnezon Scars

Active Ingredients:

Propolis,Tea Tree Oil, Hammamelis, Azeloglicine, SalicilicAcid, Dexpanthenol, HyaluronicAcid, Oligoelements, Amino Acids

Recovers damaged tissues and stimulates the reproduction of skin cells quickly, hence minimizes scars.

Provides hydration and calming effects to skin damaged by acne, helping to its restoration, recovery and rebuilding.

BODY Contour


Active Ingredients:

Carnitine, MethylsilanolMannuronate, Caffeine, Rutin, Sodium Benzoate, HyaluronicAcid

The combination of active lipoactiveingredients can effectively metabolize the excessive fat and produce energy, giving an effect of anti-cellulite and firming.


Active Ingredients:

MelilotusOfficinalis, CynaraScolymus, Rutin
Increases lymphatic drainage, eliminates free fatty acids and accelerates lipolysis

HAIR Growth

Hairzon Grow

Active Ingredients:

Biotine, Aminophyline (Teophyline), Cumarine, Retinol, Adenosine Triphosphate, Hyaluronic Acid, Tricopeptides

Plays an important roll in irrigation of stem cells located at the junction of follicles, stimulates hair matrix cells and the fluidity of the blood in the hair follicle, hence counteracts the problem of hair loss.


Active Ingredients:

Vitamins (A, B, H, P), Amino acids, Oligoelements, HyaluronicAcid, CondriotinSulfate, Teofilin, Rutin

Complementary formula to the HairzonGrow treatment. Its high ingredients contents give the hair matrix all it needs to recover the nutritional lake of elements in all hair cycles ands phases.


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