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Price: USD 375 per kit.
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- The box Contains 10 vials ; 5cc per vial.

CELLULYSE is a treatment designed to reduce cellulite.
It acts in 4 stages:
1) it has a de-infiltrating effect on choked tissues;
2) it restores effective local micro-circulation by opening the spasmed capillary sphincters;
3) the theophylline activates the hydrolysis of the adipocyte triglycerides;
4) the silicon restructures and protects the connective tissues. It acts in the biosynthesis of the elastin and combats calcification of the connective fibers.

- - Cellulyse acts effectively on the 4 stages responsible for development of cellulite and localized fat deposits.

1- Lipolysis of excessively stored fat in adipocytes, Thanks to ( tween 80 Gamma cyclodextrine ) which is Amphoteric complex which is both liposoluble and hydrosoluble. It lyse the membrane of adipocytes specifically by solubilizing the lipid layer without any destruction of the surrounding connective tissue and nerve endings. Also Theophyllin with a direct lipolytic effect by inhibiting the phosphodiestrase which maintain a high level of cyclic AMP and stimulating the NATURAL lipolytic mechanisms of adipocytes.

2- Reducing Lipo-edema . Thanks to Mannitol with its diuretic effect which eliminate excess water and reduce swelling of adipocytes thus improving local blood supply and lymphatic drainage indirectly by relieving the compression on the intervening blood and lymphatic capillaries.

3- Restoring Microcirculation in order to re-establish the tissue exchange phenomenon. Thanks to the PTMPB ( BUFLOMEDIL ) with its vasodilator effect leading to opening of the precapillary sphincters at the expense of the artriovenous shunts, also Rutin with its vasoprotective effect. The Vitamine C as a strong AntiOxident Neutralize the effect of the free radicals generated in the newly oxygenated tissue due to the reperfusion phenomenon (the Ischemic reperfusion Injury).

4- Restructuring and protecting the Connective tissue . Thanks to SILICIUM (sodium metasilicate ) that stimulate regeneration of elastin and collagen fibers and formation of tridimentional network and accordingly the connective tissue recovers its tone and elasticity. Also Amino Acids, Minerals and Vitamins which are measured accurately in order to boost the process of connective tissue restructuring.

Only the combined effect of these four stages, together with good everyday hygiene, will ensure visible and long-lasting results.

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