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The ConsultDrMinas Network provides a way for patients to communicate easily with their online physician via the internet and offers:

1. A library of trusted, award-winning healthcare information from the nation's leading medical societies. These services were created to improve your knowlege about all aspects concerning your health and strengthen your relationship with your online doctor while saving you time and money and improving your care.

2. Provides an standard, absolutely secure, private online pharmacy where you can purchase different medical equipment and your personal medication by prescription by our licensed physicians at a reasonable cost and have them delivered to your door privately, by international courier post.

    Please Read Below For Further Q & A Information About Our Secure Messaging and Online Consultation

1. What is an Online Consultation?

An Online Consultation (OC) is a medical consultation, or answer to a medical question, provided to you by your online physician at ConsultDrMinas's online Secure Messaging service, for which your physician receives payment. The payment will come from you, if you elect to use this optional service, unless your health plan or employer reimburses for Online Consultations.

2. What is Secure Messaging?

Secure Messaging is a service, provided by your physician, that allows you to communicate with him/her electronically, in a secure and private manner.

3. What types of messages can I send using Secure Messaging?

There are two basic types of messages you can send with Secure Messaging:

   • Administrative questions (appointment requests, prescription renewals and general questions)

   • Online Consultation is for specific clinical issues related to your healthcare.

4. What are some of the uses of Online Consultation?

The Online Consultation service should be used for clinical but non-emergency questions you have for your physician, that don't require a face-to-face visit or a physical exam. Questions about medication, treatment or diagnostic alternatives can, at times, be better addressed through an Online Consultation where a physician has many patient education and reference materials at his/her fingertips and patients read and review the written answers to their questions. For example:

   • My child has had recurring ear infections. Are "tubes" for his ears an option and, if so, what are the benefits and the risks?

   • Given my family history of breast cancer, should I be on hormone replacement therapy? What are the reasons for and against?

   • I just turned 50 and wanted to know if I should get a colonoscopy. What are the pros and cons and what are the alternatives? Does "dark-lumen colonography" work?

5. What's wrong with regular email for communicating with my physician?

Standard email does not live up to state and federal laws for patient privacy nor does it conform to medical liability carrier guidelines. It is not encrypted nor password protected and often uses employer-sponsored email networks thereby making the messages the property of the employer. You would not trade stocks, pay bills or even buy a book online using standard email. Your communications with your physician are too important and private to risk on standard email. You will, however, receive notifications in your regular email account when you have received a secure message from your doctor or his/her office. The message will contain a link to our secure site that allows you to directly access your secure message from your online physician so you will not have to check more than one email account to find all of your messages.

6. Is there anything that I should avoid using an Online Consultation for?

Secure Messaging services, including Online Consultation, should not be used for emergency, urgent or high-risk healthcare issues. Subjects of concern may include treatment for, or information regarding, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), mental health issues, substance abuse, etc. Specific topics to avoid should be worked out directly with your physician.

7. What is the difference between an Online Consultation and a general message that I can send using ConsultDrMinas'sSecure Messaging service, and how do I use each?

We provide a secure site on the internet where anybody above 18 yrs may feel free to ask our licensed physicians any question concerning their health, just they would do at a face-to-face doctors clinical consultation and receive a absolutely private, caring, secure, uptodate medical answer to your mailbox in a very short time (usually 48 hrs). A general message may also be sent to our system administrator concerning any aspect of our web-site that you cannot understand or to pass your opinion on aspects you would like improved. Your feedback is very valuable to us as we would like to do everything possible to serve you, our honoured patient to the maximum of our ability.

8. Is an Online Consultation communication directly with my physician? Is he/she the one that responds?

An Online Consultation comes from your physician. He/she is the one who receives, writes and approves responses to OC requests.

9. What about the need of a face-to-face physicial examination at a doctor's clinic?

The examination part of a doctor's visit often only serves to confirm the medical diagnosis as determined through questioning of the patient in the office. It is PREFERRED that the patient be actually seen, but it is frequently not necessary to make the diagnosis. Many doctors routinely call in prescriptions for their patients based on LESS information than that obtained via the questionnaires presented at this website. The questionnaires used by The ConsultDrMinassite have been written so as to enable a more thorough evaluation of the problem than would be normally possible with an in-person consult due to time constraints of the doctor's office visit. This serves to at least in part compensate for the lack of a physical examination. There ARE of course problems that must have an accompanying examination for proper diagnosis; if the history provided by the questionnaire suggests this, a differential diagnosis will be provided along with recommendations as to the proper course of action.

10. Can I do an Online Consultation for someone other than myself, like my child, my spouse or my elderly parent?

Yes. The form for completing an Online Consultation allows you to identify and communicate with the physician regarding a patient other than yourself, assuming that you are the patient's guardian, or otherwise have legal permission to communicate on the patient's behalf, and have previously established this relationship with the physician.

11. Who sets the charge for an Online Consultation/Reconsultation?

The charge for an OC/ReOC is determined and set out very clearly at our Consultationpage.

12. Is there any way to do an Online Consultation without a credit card?

Not at this time. A valid credit card must be entered and approved in order to complete an Online Consultation.

13. Will my health plan or my employer reimburse me for an Online Consultation?

Some health plans and some employers are paying for online consultations. Most do not. You should contact your health plan or employer to determine/confirm whether an Online Consultation is a covered service. You may, however, be reimbursed for an Online Consultation from a Medical Flexible Spending Account, if your employer offers this benefit.

14. How is Online Consultation cost effective for me?

When you add up all the costs of a visit to your physician (2 hours or more lost from work/other activities, gas, parking and other out-of-pocket travel expenses, your health plan co-pay, etc), the cost of an office visit may far exceed the cost of an Online Consultation and may not be half as affective in answering all your genuine medical doubts.

15. How secure is ConsultDrMinas'sOnline Consultation messaging service?

Online Consultation service provides authentication, encryption and other security and privacy measures, making the service compliant with the government's proposed HIPAA guidelines and the medical liability carrier guidelines that address the handling and security of patient information.

16. How secure is the handling of my credit card information?

A critical concern for electronic payment and commerce is the secure transmission of data. To protect consumer data during transmission ConsultDrMinas has employed E-Commerce Exchange, the national leader in Internet security, to protect your credit card data.
Please read, our Ecommerce Security Guarantee.

17. What should I do if I don't hear back from my physician in the designated period of time on an Online Consultation?

Any time you have a concern regarding online communication with your physician you should PLEASE IMMEDIATELY communicate with our site administrator.

18. Can I communicate back and forth with my physician in an Online Consultation until all of my questions are answered?

Yes. The OC service is designed for you to submit a question to your physician and for your physician to provide you with a response. It is important for you to provide as much information as possible to your physician, to protect you, as well as your physician, from potential miscommunication. If you or your physician has a clarification question related to an Online Consultation, he/she may reply to you and may not charge you for this additional information. However, the charge for an OC/ReOC is determined and set out very clearly at our Consultation page.

19. How do I submit additional information that I forgot to include after I have sent an Online Consultation?

It is important to be thorough in your communication with your physician. If you feel that your additional information is important before or after you have received your physician's response, you can ASAP (BEFORE 24HRS) write us an EMail informing of this information, to assist us to adequately answer your consultation. As indicated above, your physician has the ability to "no-charge" after reviewing a consultation request.

20. What if I think I should not be charged after I receive my physician's reply?

If you are not satisfied with your physician's reply, and you have been charged for the consultation, you should discuss this directly with your physician.

21. What do I do when I have submitted an Online Consultation and then change my mind before I receive my physician's response?

Sorry, as much as we would like you our HONOURED PATIENT, to be completely satisfied with us, our arrangement with our e-commerce provider makes it impossible to refund monies once charged to our account.

22. What happens if I am in the midst of an Online Consultation and I lose my Internet connection? Am I charged?

Until your physician receives and accepts your Online Consultation, you will not be charged.

23. Will ConsultDrMinas store copies of the Online Consultations I have made?

Each patients complete medical record and communication is stored for a minimum of 1 calendar year, but our regular patients information will naturally will be stored for as long as necessary, as his/her past-history may be very important towards further clinical diagnosis and treatment. Please understand that we take our online medical security very seriously.

24. Do I have to print all of the Online Consultations I have with my physician?

ConsultDrMinasrecommends that you maintain copies of all of your medical records. Your OC communications with your physician should become part of your medical record. We provide a Printable Version at the bottom of the Medical Record page.

25. How do I change my personal email notification address for Online Consultation?

Please Edit Your User Information once you are logged in.

26. How do I get year-end accounting and receipts for all my Online Consultations?

You are responsible to keep copies of your Online Consultation bank receipts throughout the year if you need them.

27. Is writing and selling prescription medication on the Internet legal?

Yes, with some exceptions such as heavily regulated drugs like narcotics. Online pharmacies first started in 1998 when Doctors began working with patients by telephone or email. Prescriptions for the medications we offer are legal to be filled online based on a doctor’s review.

As this new Internet medium for the delivery of health care services continues to emerge, we want you to know we are committed to meeting and exceeding current regulations. We only fill prescriptions using reputable, certified physicians and pharmacies. We pay top-notch, qualified pharmacists to ensure you receive the highest standards of pharmaceutical care. All medication comes from a legitimate pharmaceutical wholesaler or directly from the manufacturer, so you can be sure you are receiving the same quality medication you would receive at your corner drug store.

28. What Types Of Medications Can I Receive From You?
Any of the medications we carry are available to you, provided your online consultation doesn’t reveal a reason that would make the desired medication inappropriate for you

29. What Is The Advantage Of Getting Prescriptions From
Your personal privacy and sense of comfort are a priority to us. Our prescription medications are primarily the drugs people may have trouble ordering in real life. Drugs like Viagra and Propecia may cause many people undue embarrassment in talking about or purchasing. By being able to purchase online and have the drugs shipped right to your home, can eliminate that embarrassment.

We can notify you as our selection of prescription drugs is expanded. You are also encouraged to use our contact EMail address, to suggest drugs you would like to see us carry in future. Also, by ordering through us, you can often get medications at a significant cost savings to you.

30. Can I Get A Refund If I’m Not Satisfied With The Medications?
Unfortunately with all prescription drugs, there are no refunds or exchanges of medications due to Federal Law. The FDA states that prescription medication may not be returned once it is sent from the pharmacy. This is a standard whether you are obtaining your medications online or directly from a walk in pharmacy.

If you have any questions about your medication please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department at