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Embracing Destiny

Format: -Paperback
ISBN: - 9789380154121

Publisher: - Leadstart Publishing
No. of Pages:- 600 Pages

About Book

"I Lived Life My Way" A Survivors Guide to Living Life to its Fullest

The down to earth, startingly frank memoirs of an internationally travelled surgeon and entrepreneur.
A "Christian medical college" Vellore, (India) graduate.

Embracing Destiny: Memoirs is an awe- inspiring, compelling, poignant, true-life story of Dr. Ashley Minas, a daredevil medical professional, entrepreneur, and dedicated family man who not only dreamt the impossible dream but embraced his destiny without wincing once. It was a journey of hope, despair and victorious living despite disappointments and temporary setbacks. It is also a survivor`s guide of an independent, self-made man and a must- read for anyone interested in living life to the fullest. This autobiography will keep the reader riveted, to learn how each episode in this maverick, master- of survival`s life was played out in open ruggedness; this should inspire all those who desire to make a difference in life, by "leaving bhind their footprints on the sands of time".

About Author

Dr. Ashley Vanic Minas, of Armenian and English parentage, was born in Bangalore, India. His father was Major General Vanic Minas (P.V.S.M.) of the Indian Army. He has a 27- year-old eldest son Paul, an 18-year-old daughter Siroon, and 17- and nine- year- old sons Vanic and Tigran, and last but definitely not least, the baby of the family, littte Sarah of four years. Dr. Minas is a qualified and experienced specialist gynaecologist, residing in Yerevan, Armenia. He graduated " Magna cum laude" from The Christian Medical College, Vellore, India ( the premier medical institute for medical education and treatment in the country) in 1978, at the early age of 22. He has over 30 years of surg Obs/ Gynae clinical experience, having worked in India in " general practice" for five years, Nigeria twelve years and now in Armenia since 1994. A proficient and experienced surgeon in General and Obs/ Gynae surgery, Dr. Minas has also performed all types of deliveries ranging from normal to instrumental.

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