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“Fitness for everybody who is confident, discipline and perseverant” That is our credo. This is a long- run project that ends in a good health.

About us

Minasian Medical Centre - Founder Dr Ashley Vanic Minas.

Minasian Medical Centre has been known as one of the best clinics in Armenia, since 1995. Founded in Meghri, in 1995 and the main service provided was Medical treatment.

Now Minasian Medical Centre, Yerevan (founded in Yerevan, in 2006, August) has reached another stage and is persuading another mission. It serves also as a State of the art Gym, Fitness Centre and Sports complex.

Our Gym Centre is known as one of the best state of the art-equipped facilities and most affordably priced Gym and Fitness Centres in the country. Here you can find all types of up-to-date Gym equipments that every health enthusiast could dream for, back up by a fully equipped and functioning Medical centre. It provides separate services including Figure shaping and weight training. Having two big sport halls: for women and men, it gives opportunity for having good trainings even for conservative people.

The following services can be found here:

  • Gym and Fitness
  • Gym Equipment
  • Tennis table room
  • Sauna
  • Massage room
  • Beauty salon
  • Health food supplements