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Dr. Ashley Vanic Minas, of Armenian and English parentage was born in Bangalore, India. His father was Major General Vanic Minas (P.V.S.M.) of the Indian Army. He has a five children; son Paul, daughter Siroon, sons Vanic and Tigran and the youngest, daughter Sarah.

Dr. Minas is a qualified and experienced specialist Gynaecologist, residing in Yerevan, Armenia. He graduated "Magna cum laude" from The Christian Medical College, Vellore India (the premier medical institute for medical education and treatment in the country) in 1978, at the early age of 22. He has over 26 years of surg Obs/Gynae clinical experience, having worked in India in "General practice" for 5 years, Nigeria 12 years and now in Armenia since 1994. A proficient and experienced surgeon in General and Obs/Gynae surgery, Dr. Minas has also performed all types of deliveries ranging from normal to instrumental.

In his many years of "hands on" clinical experience he has worked in hospitals ranging from small, medium to the and large in both rural and urban areas. Apart from being skilled in General Surgery and Obs/Gynae patient care and surgery, Dr. Minas also has considerable practical experience in minor/major anaesthesia unaided and in internal medical, paediatric, Plastic Surgery (i.e. skin grafting, scar revisions, cleft lip and cleft palate repairs, Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy etc) and Emergency Medicine/Trauma all the departments that may be found in a busy general hospital.

Proficient in Ultrasound and a certified Sonographist, Dr. Minas is used to practising in a busy hospital O.P.D. treating 50-100 patients daily while he was in India, Nigeria and now Armenia. Some of the medical establishments of repute that Dr. Minas has worked in before finally opening his own private Medical Centres are St Marthas Hospital, Bangalore, India 1982-84, Njaka Medical Centre, Akokwa, Nigeria 1984-86 where he was the Medical Director at the then young age of 28, Bex Memorial Hospital, Onitsha, Nigeria where he was the resident General surgeon/Gynaecologist from 1986-92. In 1992 the Minases opened their first private Medical Centre located in Benin City, Nigeria, his wife hometown, Minas Medical Centre. In 1994 they decided to immigrate to Armenia so as to fulfill his lifes calling to come back to his roots and to work for the improvement of the lives of the Armenian people who were in the midst of a terrible war of attrition with neighbouring Azerbaijan; after the fall of the then Soviet Union. He and his family have been living in Armenia since then and have grown from strength to strength with Gods grace opening their first Medical Centre in rural Meghri town (on the border with Iran) in 1994 (recently shut down) and then in 2002 added their Yerevan (capital city of Armenia) establishment to their list of achievements. In 2004 he successfully completed a surgical mission with the ICRC stationed in Lokichokio, Kenya where he was appointed as surgeon in charge of a surgical unit of a large extremely busy 500 bedded surgical hospital, tending to the surgical needs of the war wounded from Sudan. During this four month period he successfully operated on over 400 patients.

He is at present on Medical Mission to Nigeria, Africa as the Director Of Medical Services of The Bex Memorial Hospital, Onitsha and continues as The Medical Director of The Minasian Medical Centre and Minasian Gym, Fitness Centre and Sports Complex, Yerevan, Armenia and the founder of the best ranking web sites www.ConsultDrMinas.com, www.MyFatDissolve.com and www.AestheticForever.com.
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