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INTRODUCTION : Healing That Makes a Difference...Naturally!

Our Motto:

If we could distill the essence of Ayurveda and the Vedic culture into one idea it would be to:
"Love others and serve them with love and care."
"Give a person food and they eat for a meal."
"Teach a person to grow their own food and they eat for life!"

We aim to help our clients understand how the natual, principlas of Ayurveda can be easily and simply used in daily so you won't have to always depend on others for advice.

Our Lives:

We try to be living examples of this philosophy — on a daily basis — in all aspects of our lives — in our product and service choices, client-need solutions, ecological-friendly office and cleaning supplies, organic foods and natural lifestyle.

Our Products:
We buy our herbs directly from people we know in India. Quality is number one. We formulate and manufacture our own products — so we have control of every step of the process from the herb growing to bottling — until it gets into your hands.

Welcome to CONSULTDRMINAS.COM’s ‘Ayurvedic Medical Centre’. We have newly set up our ‘state of the art’ department under the auspicies of world famous Ayurvedic consultants of K.L.E.Society’s ‘SHRI B.M. KAKANAWADI AYURVED MAHAVIDYALA’ Post Graduate Studies & ResearchCentre, Shahapur, Belgaum-India, ESTD;1933, affiliated to ‘Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Sciences, Karnataka, Bangalore, India and recognized by Central Council of Indian Medicine New Delhi’. We are honoured to be able to boast of two eminent scholars from this institution, as our permanent staff and have negotiated with Dr. Rajesh A UdapudiB.A.M.S, MD and Dr. Shashidhar V Emmi B.A.M.S, MD to provide our institution and our numerous patients at our Yerevan and Meghri Medical Centres and our online outreach, telemedicine, consultation services with his consultancy services. I thank these eminent doctors and men of God, for agreeing to assist us in propagating the teachings of Ayurveda and in spreading the goodwill and the body, mind and soul aspects of curative, prophylactic and preventive aspects of Ayurvedic therapy as a matter of goodwill!

We have provided PROOF of the qualifications of our eminent faculty of Ayurvedic scholars at our disposal for all to see, so please (click here), if you wish to view this information.

On November 17th 1999, the FOX News Network aired a Special Report on Internet Prescribing. During the program, Congressman Ron Klink of Pennsylvania went on record suggesting that physicians display their licenses on the internet as a fraud deterrent. As a legitimate practiciting physician in good standing, Dr. Ashley Minas and his doctors, have made their medical diplomas and licenses to practice available online.

Before a person asks for an online consultation, I think it would definitely help if he/she were to understand the philosophy of Ayurvedic medicine and possible something regards the long history behind this ancient tried and practiced art of ancient Indian medicine used for centuries by the sages and Sadhus, as a secret art of healing and only now slowly becoming available to modern civilisation.

Basics of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic - Frequently Asked Questions

Ayurvedic Glossary

Basics of Yoga

Ayurvedic Consultation :

Ayurvedic diagnosis, is not merely knowing about the symptoms of the disease, but it includes - to find out the root cause of the disease. It includes finding out the imbalance of doshas, blockage of channels, improper functioning of the dhatus, improper funtioning of various cleaning or excretory system(mala), determining the strength of one's digestive fire and immune system.
The personal Ayurvedic constitution is also determined which helps to choose a proper medicine/treatment according to the person's constitution.

Personal Consultation :

We provide online consultation to people who have a particular problem, and are seeking a cure for their illness.
All the consultation will be done through our secure online server .
Firstly we will reviews the patient's health history form. If the information is understood, necessary health suggestions are made; if any questions still exist, you are contacted for clarification.

This consultation will consist of:

* Prakriti of the patient
* Diagnosis of the disease
* Prescribing Diets, lifestyles, and home remedies
* Suggesting medicines
* In chronic diseases, specific products can be ordered additionally.

Online Ayurvedic Pharmacy