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Minasian Health Charity Foundation is the parent non-profit organization, of Minasian Medical Centres Meghri and Yerevan, Armenia which exists to benefit the programs and services of Minasian Medical Centres and the communities, patients and families we serve.

Guided by the Minasian Foundation Board of Trustees, which consists of volunteers from our community, Minasian Foundation is committed to encouraging and providing philanthropic support for Minasian Medical Centres by overseeing the solicitation of gifts from individuals, businesses, foundations, and organizations.

The commitment and generosity of our benefactors - people like you - has always been a source of strength and growth for Minasian Medical Centre.


Out Patient Department (Dr. A.V.Minas - Medical Director)

Your contributions are even more essential in the face of dramatic negative economic climate Armenia and particularly Meghri region has gone through, since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Philanthropic support is crucial if we are to assure the very best health care to all of those in our community, regardless of their ability to pay.

Philanthropic support from benefactors like you, will enable Minasian Medical Centre to purchase these items in 2003, among other needed equipment and services :

  • Critically, essential renovations to both the Meghri and Yerevan Medical Centres
  • Purchase of essential equipment for our Obstetrics and Gynaecological Department in Yerevan
  • Renovate and equipp our Medical Centres canteen which provides hygienically, dietic, nutritiously cooked meals for our in-patients and their visitors alike.
  • Our Radiology Department needs a new more modern and powerful X-Ray machine and a complete overhaul of it's construction; so as to be able to provide adequate safety measures for both patients and staff alike.
  • Wheelchairs for our Rehabilitation Centre that are specifically designed to assist patients who have special requirements due to their injuries.
  • Our Rehabilitation Centre is also due a complete overhaul and more uptodate equipment instead of many of the home made fixtures now in existence.
  • A fetal monitor for our Labor and Delivery Department, a piece of equipment that each and every new mother uses while she is in our care.

Patient fees alone are simply not enough to fund these renovations, upkeep to infrastructure and important medical equipment.


Minasian Health Charity Foundation provides FREE, medical treatment to the following cardres of patients:

  1. Children below two years of age, of all socio ecomonic classes without distinction.

  2. Children upto 12yrs of age from the underprivileged sectors of our community, on a case by case basis.

  3. All retirees above 65years of age; once again irrespective of their socio economic class.

  4. On a case by case basis to other unemployed, underprivileged folk, war veterans, handicapped, motherless or fatherless children etc.



M.M.C, Yerevan, is located in capital city of Armenia and serves a community population of about 100,000 and was set up in 2003 as a large multidisciplined polyclinic with state of the art equipment and qualified medical practitioners of many years experience.

Like most parts of Armenia, the capital city has a population where the people have more than a 70% unemployment rate and our centre takes that heavily into account when rendering some of the cheapest, most subsidised services in the country, anywhere.

We still have the same criteria ofr FREE medical treatment in the capital city, as we have in rural, Meghri town.


  • Medical Department
  • General Surgical Department
  • Paediatric (Child care) Department
  • Obstetrics(deliveries) and Gynaecological (Womens Diseases) Department
  • Pharmacy Department
  • Physiotherapy Department
  • X-Ray Department
  • EKG Department
  • Ultrasound Department
  • Nursing Stations
  • Hospital Chapel
  • Two Clean and Septic Surgical Theatres.


Minasian Medical Centre,
43 Moldovakan str.,
Nork Massiv II,
Republic of Armenia (CIS),
Postal Code: 375062,
Tel/Fax: (3741) 648792




M.M.C, Meghri was established in 1994 at the end of the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. It is a 50-bedded general hospital situated at the southern most part of Armenia at the border with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Meghri town has population of 15,000 people, most of the population now work as subsistence farmers and unemployment rate is about 90%.

The hospital caters for most of the medical needs of Meghri town and surrounding regions. During the 8 years of it's existence, it has left it's mark in the region and has treated patients from all over the country.

Due to the dire financial condition of the C.I.S. countries and Armenia in particular and the almost total lack of employment in Meghri region the medical services the hospital provides the people is highly subsidized and one of the cheapest in the country.

Any donations to the hospital by well meaning 'friends if Armenia or/and M.M.C' will be highly appreciated and put to proper use for the people and patient welfare.

View of Meghri Town From Above St. Hovhannes Church
(11th - 12th A.D - repaired 17th century)


  • Full service hospital
  • Hospital Registration Reception Room
  • Out-Patient Department
  • In-Patient Wards of different specialities
  • Medical Department
  • General Surgical Department
  • Paediatric (Child care) Department
  • Obstetrics(deliveries) and Gynaecological (Womens Diseases) Department
  • Pharmacy Department
  • Physiotherapy Department
  • X-Ray Department
  • Ultrasound Department
  • EKG Department
  • Nursing Stations
  • Hospital Chapel
  • Two Clean and Septic Surgical Theatres.
  • Intensive Care unit
  • Intensive Care Unit for Premature New Borns
  • New Born Delivery Department
  • Ultra Violet Radiation Treatment room for Jaundiced Premature Newborns.
  • Hospital Canteen



Minasian Medical Centre,
31 Andranik str.,
Meghri Town,
Sunik Region,
Republic of Armenia (CIS),
Postal Code: 377910,
Tel: (374860) 3426, 3345



Meghri is in the Sunik region of the southern most tip of Armenia, along the Armenian-Iranian border and the only open road link to the outside world. Thirty percent of the population are refugees from nearby Artzakh, Baku and other Azeri regions. The main source of income for the inhabitants are the small family fruit farms, employment at the Agarak mines, and the customs at the Armenian - Iranian border. There has been absolutely no private or government investment in this region, since we opened our medical centre in 1994. The lack of investment and employment opportunities is the only reason for Meghri's urban and rural depression and rapid decrease in the population.

The Meghri Region has an unemployment rate of 97% which can only compete with the rate of exodus from the region. The people have reverted to the ancient ways of making trade, fruit for other types of goods and services, ie by barter. Whosoever has not left the region yet because of the dire living conditions, is only waiting for an opportunity to do so. Besides humanitarian reasons to help the people of this region, one must think "What will happen if the only open and peaceful border region of Armenia is emptied of its population?" the only population count available is that from 1989, and since then many, many have left. But I present the statistics available to me.

Population in 1989:
Male 7410
Female 693
Pensioners 2069
Children 0-10yrs 4136
Deliveries in:
1998 156
1999 121
2000 124 (one did not survive)
2001 112
2002 129
2003 (to date) (5months)-50
Deaths in:
1998 104
1999 113
2000 94
2001 109
2002 124
2003 (to date) (5Months)-54


Each year, Minasian Medical Centres rely on the generousities of individuals,organisations,foundations and communities support to meets its ongoing needs. For you who believe in our mission and the welfare of the people of Meghri and its environs,wish to provide support, there are a variety of ways that you can help make a difference.

Your gift via cash, check, money order, or credit card is the simplest method of giving and is not subject to gift or estate taxes. Cash gifts will be accepted for any purpose consistent with the mission of Minasian Medical Centre and its objectives.

Just as the foundation of a home supports its structure, a bequest to Minasian Foundation is an ideal way to maintain the mission of Minasian Medical Centres.

Memorial and Tribute Gifts
You can perpetuate the memory of a loved one or a cherished friend with memorial gifts to Minasian Foundation. Tribute giving provides you with an opportunity to recognize special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, the birth of a child, a personal achievement such as graduation or retirement, or to honor your physician or a special caregiver at Minasian Medical Centres. A letter to the honoree will be sent informing them of the gift.

Matching Gifts
These gifts are any easy way to double, or in some cases, triple your gift to Minasian Foundation. We are grateful to many companies that provide financial support through their Matching Gift Programs, and especially thankful to the individuals who designated Minasian Foundation as their matching gift recipient. Please contact your employer's Human Resources department to learn more about your Matching Gift Program.


Many supporters choose to select a specific area within the Medical Centres to benefit from their generosity, such as our Gynaecological Dept, Feeding programs, Emergency Department, sponsor individual patient's operation or child birth and mother care sections.

Other donors ask that their contribution be used to sponsor educational programs or nursing scholarships. And still others wish to help Minasian improve its facilities and volunteer medical professionals.

No matter the size or the type, all of these gifts are meaningful and provide important support for the mission of Minasian Medical Centres.



Our donations area, is to help us continue to keep our Meghri hospitals doors open to our people and is ideal for your personal contribution or to honour the memory of a friend or loved one. This is one positive way for you to contribute positively to the health care of our Armenian brothers and sisters.

Every donation will be acknowledged in writing personally by Dr Ashley Minas, the Medical Director, and further acknowledgement will be given on our site for all to see our deep appreciation, unless otherwise declined.

We accept donations by the following methods.
For details please go to Contact Us

a) Bank wire transfer payment
b) Western Union money transfer
c) MoneyGram Travellers Express
d) Bank Draft payment


Thanking you.     Dr. Ashley Minas (Medical Director)

If you would like to make a gift to Minasian Health Charity Foundation or wish to receive more information, please contact Flora Minas, Administrator 'Minasian Medical Centre' at:

If you have any need of getting into contact with different departments of ConsultDrMinas please feel free to send us an Email or contact us at the following corporate addresses:

Funds given to the 'Minasian Health Charity Foundation' are a wise investment. Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing from you.