Vibrating Head Replaceable Microneedle Roller

DTS (Diskneedle Therapy System)
DTS is microneedling system that enhances Transdermal Drug Deliveryand Natural Collagen Induction.
No side effects, Short healing time, No permanent damage, suitable for after-laser resurfaced or thin skin, easy-to-use, cost effective, wide applications.

Transdermal Drug Delivery
Microchannelsdramatically increases the absorption rate of active ingredients of applied topical products.

Natural Collagen Induction
Countless micro transdermal routes induce wound healing process

DTS Features
DTS Needles–540 needles= 9 disks X 60 needles
–0.2mm in diameter
–High-quality stainless steel (rustproof)
–Tensile Strength
–significantly fortified
–Diamond shape

DTS Body
–Diameter 20mm x Width 18.2mm
–Non-bonding, DTSR series with vibratingfunction and replaceable head

DTS Finest and Safest needles

Safe and Pain-less design
Safety: Disk-needle (Pin-out Free)
–Other rollers has chemical glue/hand-labored assembling with needles to roller body.

Diamond needle
–Diamond shaped DTS needles with diamond shape minimizes pain.

High quality and efficacy

  • DTS needles are almost 2 times stronger than any other conventional rollers.

  • DTS has 540 needles per roller headcomparing only others with only 100~200 needles.

  • DTS treatment can generate 500,000 microchannels in 10 minutes (1,000 per cm2) -Fraxel generates 2,000 micro-thermal zone per cm2 after 3~4 treatments.


Comparing to other brands

DTS vs other rollers

  • Unique needle shape
  • less pain
  • Efficient movement
  • Shorter application time
  • Minimal downtime
  • Bigger holes, less density
  • Painful
  • Longer downtime
  • More damages from bigger angle between needles

DTS Applications

  • Facial/body lifting, firming and rejuvenating
  • Improving acne scar / scar
  • Anti-aging, hydration, pigmentation care
  • Facial wrinkle care
  • Stretch mark / hair loss prevention
Needle length
Wrinkle, Acne Scar, Body Lifting &Stretch Marks, Burn Scar
Skin Wrinkles, Skin pigmentation
Skin Whitening, Alopecia
Homecare, aesthetician offices

DTS-R Series

  • The first and only vibratingroller system
  • The whole head vibrates 8,000 per min
  • Vibration reduces pain and increases ingredient penetration
  • Heads are replaceable
  • 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5mm
  • Standard/Narrow Head

DTS-M Series

  • DTS manual roller
  • 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5mm
  • Standard/narrow width